About Theresa

About TheresaHi everyone, I am Theresa Roe and I love cooking.

I have been cooking since I was very young and always loved helping my mother in the kitchen.  I remember the year I asked for an easy bake oven for Christmas and my mother said “you do not need an easy bake oven you have a full size oven in the kitchen to use.”  Now that was all I needed to hear and I have been baking and cooking ever since that day. My mom taught me to experiment with the recipes and always clean up after yourself as you go along.  I have been married for over 30 years and have gotten a lot of experimenting done in that time.  I will not tell you now about the 1985 olive oil breakfast muffin tragedy.  I will save that for later time.  I now live on the central coast of California and get to enjoy the best vegetables and fruits you would ever want to eat.  I love to mix them into my daily smoothies and juice.  You can not beat going to the farmers market and picking out your weekly menu and enjoying the wonderful flavors of just picked and delivered from the farm.

I started this website because I have been frequently asked by family and friends for my recipes.  Along with people I meet at the farmers market or grocery store that notice all the fruits and vegetables I am buying and ask what am I making.  That starts up a conversation and they end up asking where to find recipes so they can try it for themselves.  I love sharing my recipes and helping anyone that asks for help.  So I decided to started this website to share my love of cooking and tips so everyone can enjoy making great tasting and nutritious drinks and foods for themselves and their family fast and easy with minimal to no processed ingredients.

Around four years ago my husband and I started juicing along with cutting out most processed foods. We both are in our 50’s and we where feeling the starting of a slow down.  We bought a Omega juicer and started drinking fresh juice every day we could not believe the stamina that juicing brought to us. We once again had the energy that we had in our 20’s and 30’s.  And once we get rid of most of the excess sugar that was hidden in our prepackaged foods we couldn’t believe how sweet vegetables could taste and fruit tasted like dessert.  But having juice for dinner every night got a little boring so we finally took the step to buy a vita mix blender. And that was the beginning of our love affair with smoothies.

While looking for smoothie recipes I became frustrated.  I could not find any one website that had a collection of recipes that I would want to drink.  All the recipes I found had a lot of added sugar. Some told to add processed store bought juices to my smoothies after I had spent so much time getting rid of excess white sugar in my food.  Most of these recipes I found did not taste good or have a lot of good nutrients and antioxidants.  So I started experimenting and came up with my own recipes.  They are very good and my husband loves taking a smoothie to work for his lunch. He is own his feet all day and his lunch time smoothie gives him the energy he needs to get through his day.

I recommend that you start out with a drink that has your favorite fruit or vegetable in it and you can expand from there.  Once you taste the wonderful flavors and experience how much better you are feeling you and your family are going to want one everyday.

Thank you for dropping by and best of luck with all of your endeavors.  Enjoy!!